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    Workout Classes Near Me

    Workout Classes Near Me Overland Park, KS. Do you find yourself struggling with a big box gym membership because you aren’t sure what to do with all the weights, or the hordes of bros, broskis, brahs standing around? Have you tried other bootcamp or group workout classes near you and enjoy the group camaraderie, but you really don’t receive any of the personal instruction you seek, making it feel like you should just workout in front of your TV watching some cheesy video? Or just give up and sit on the couch? Give the workout classes at Gracie Barra Overland Park a try.

    Sure, we’re a martial arts gym, rooted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but don’t let that shy you away. Our “workout classes near me” program is a great workout — burning up to 1,000 calories per hour. Our workout classes pave the way for new students to become acquainted with the basic principles of martial arts, rooted in respect, honor, wellness, and discipline. The classes utilize the same foundational values of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs to get you in the best shape of your life.

    Give us a call to get started today at 913-961-1850 or contact us to schedule your free initial workout class near me.

    Workout Classes Near Me at Gracie Barra Overland Park: Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Gym

    We aren’t here to count reps or scream and yell in your ear like a physical trainer at those testosterone-saturated gyms. No, we are here to help you get better and to teach you how to move closer to optimal health — physical, mental, and spiritual. Our workout classes near you differ from others you’ll find at your local gym because we offer a variety of moves to keep your workout interesting. We also promote a sense of camaraderie that encourages all students to keep working toward their fitness goals and providing a support system to enhance your workout and get more out of each class.

    In addition to an overall increased fitness level, our Gracie Barra Overland Park workout classes near you provide benefits in these areas:

    We are a community. A family. Give Gracie Barra Overland Park a call today at 913-961-1850 or contact us online.

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    Workout Classes Near Me: What Do Your Grace Barra Overland Park Classes Offer?

    Our instructors at Gracie Barra Overland Park will help you get both the mind and body in shape so that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. Our workout classes near you are a natural progression to martial arts training and will help you build endurance and practice moves that can later be used in self-defense classes, if you so choose. The benefits of our “workout classes near me” include:

    • Finding motivation and inspiration
    • The best way to motivate yourself to push through your workout is by having friends by your side cheering you on. In the Gracie Barra Overland Park workout classes, you don’t have to worry about being better than those around you. Every student was a beginner at some point, and there will always be someone stronger than you in a class. Let that motivate you, not intimidate you.

    • Learning proper form to prevent injuries
    • Workout classes are a great middleground between working out alone, maybe in front of the TV, and hiring a personal trainer. In the Gracie Barra classes you have the benefit of our expert instructors, as well as your classmates, showing you how to do each exercise and move with proper technique and form. You won’t get that training at the gym.

    • Experiencing true, full-body workouts
    • Unlike gym sessions where you isolate a muscle group to achieve isolated success our workout classes near you work differently, requiring your whole body to work out in symmetry. Even the simplest movements will require dozens of muscle groups. Call us today at 913-961-1850 or contact us.

    • Focusing on isometrics
    • The Gracie Barra Overland Park workout routine involves a lot of isometric drills that not only improve muscle strength and stability but also helps in strengthening tendons and ligaments.

    • Adding variety to your workout
    • Doing the same thing over and over again can get as stale as the broskis standing around the bench press. Adding variety is one of the best ways to prevent plateauing. Simply the motions of kicking, punching, and jumping involves explosive power that helps in garnering more fast-twitch muscle fibers and better muscle density.

    • Raising your metabolic rate
    • As you progress through our workout classes you will be exposed to martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and kickboxing, that all involve high-intensity training that boosts the metabolic rate and performance.

    • Holding yourself accountable
    • At Gracie Barra Overland Park, we know that one of the hardest things about working out is getting your butt to the gym. We make it easy, with a conveniently located gym in your area. Our workout classes near you focus on family and teamwork, so you have a part in everything. If you miss a class, you let the rest of your team or family down.

    Workout Classes Near Me: I’m All For Being a Member of a Team, But What About Individual Attention?

    In addition to being in a strong group setting, our Gracie Barra Overland Park workout classes near you also give you plenty of personal attention from instructors. After establishing correct technique and form, they will make sure you are getting the workout that best suits your body. Our instructors will also challenge you and teach you how to reach your specific, individual goals in the shortest amount of time.

    Our workout classes near you are broken down into strength and conditioning sessions that teach you the most effective exercises, customized for your body, and hold you accountable for training outside of the gym on your own time. You’ll learn how to work around specific areas of pain, while strengthening your entire body.

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    Workout Classes Near Me | Gracie Barra Overland Park

    Let’s keep you off the couch, away from the bro gyms, and into our newest Gracie Barra gym in Overland Park. We provide a welcoming environment, no matter your size or skill, and promote family and development. Our workout classes are a great introduction to the teachings of our namesake Carlos Gracie Sr.

    To begin “workout classes near me” and join the family at Gracie Barra Overland Park call us today at 913-961-1850 or contact us online.

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