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    Kids Martial Arts

    Kids Martial Arts Overland Park, KS. Finding a martial arts school for kids in the Overland Park area can be challenging. Are you looking for the trifecta of sorts – a respectable establishment with classes for all sizes and skill levels in a welcoming, family-friendly environment? Well, you found that kids martial arts school at Gracie Barra Overland Park.

    Our kids martial arts classes are all about self improvement. We focus on building a positive attitude, discipline, and respect in our students so that they not only become better on the mats, but better in life. Make your kids’ lives right by establishing goals and accomplishments, and everything else follows. Call us today at 913-961-1850 or contact us online.

    What Do You Teach in Kids Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Overland Park?

    Our kids martial arts classes provide valuable lessons in determination and courage, while giving your children the space to grow physically, emotionally, and socially. No matter what path your kids take during or after Gracie Barra martial arts, they’ll learn to rely on skills taught in our programs in everything they do:

    • Determination and perseverance
    • Leadership and teamwork
    • Communication and camaraderie
    • Self-confidence in everything they do

    Call us today at 913-961-1850 or contact us online for more information on our kids martial arts classes.

    What Are the Benefits of Gracie Barra Overland Park’s Kids Martial Arts?

    Gracie Barra’s kids martial arts programs build a strong foundation in social and emotional learning using martial arts instruction. You will see improvements in your kids’ attitudes, their abilities to engage and show empathy toward others, as well as improvements in making responsible decisions. There is a built-in physicality with practicing martial arts, so your children will be encouraged to be active and exercise. In addition to the ongoing mental enhancements, this improves your kids’:

    Many of the benefits of martial arts training, particularly for kids and teenagers, aren’t as immediately noticeable. According to the American Council on Exercise, by the time they reach high school, 63 percent of children are no longer physically active. Recent research by Simmons Market Research states that nearly 65 percent of teens who participate in martial arts say that sports are an important part of their social life, and 77 percent of teens say that their participation in martial arts helps to keep them healthy. More than 6.5 million U.S. children participate in martial arts, according to Sacred Heart University.

    Give us a call at 913-961-1850 to start kids martial arts classes at Gracie Barra today or contact us for a class schedule. Through kids martial arts training at Gracie Barra Overland Park you will start noticing most of these benefits immediately.

    Kids Martial Arts | Overland Park martial arts classes for kids | Gracie Barra

    What Types of Kids Martial Arts Classes Are There at Gracie Barra Overland Park?

    Gracie Barra is the world’s leading kids martial arts organization, with 900 schools worldwide and 400 in North America. We have been changing kids’ lives for over 20 years. We have turned our students into confident, focused, peer-pressure proof, and secure individuals by teaching principles, philosophies, and fundamentals of the best martial arts for kids including:

    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Frequently considered one of the best martial arts for kids, and the best for self-defense, as it teaches your kids skills that they can use against bigger and stronger opponents. Based primarily on grappling skills, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Barra Overland Park teaches kids how to compete on the ground and avoid submissions. Because students have to figure out how to avoid an opponent, while simultaneously trying to think up the best way to win, BJJ helps your kids develop patience and problem-solving skills.

    • Karate
    • One of the most practiced martial arts in the world, karate is a popular starting point for kids. A strictly standup sport, karate concentrates on patience, discipline, spiritual development, and self control. Your kids will learn blocks, punches, kicks, and evasions.

    • Tae Kwon Do
    • One of the most popular martial arts for kids, particularly for newcomers, Tae Kwon Do teaches patience and discipline. Your kids will quickly improve their muscle strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as get a heavy dose of leg work and kicks. Children still learn all of the strikes, joint locks, punches, takedowns, blocks, and throws they’ll need to be successful.

    • Kickboxing
    • Much like karate, kickboxing is a great tool for kids, as it requires respect, mindfulness, good form, and being strategic. This martial art forbids striking with anything but your hands and feet, and also bans attacks on an opponent’s groin, legs, or back.

    What Else can be Gained in Kids Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Overland Park?

    We are the Overland Park area’s leader in kids martial arts. It’s not just about kicking and punching, it is about learning life skills and the complete personal development of your children. Our kids martial arts program is a blend of contemporary and traditional martial arts that offers your kids not only an effective self-defense program, but means for character development and discipline. Your children learn to focus their energy constructively, which results in better, more complete school work and grades. Not to mention an improved, happier outlook on life.

    The greatest gifts you can give your kids are self confidence, increased self esteem, and a positive mental attitude. Give them the best chance at attaining all three, give them the trifecta – call Gracie Barra Overland Park at 913-961-1850 to start kids martial arts classes today or contact us.

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    Learn More About Our Kids Martial Arts Classes | Gracie Barra Overland Park

    Our instructors teach a unique martial arts training etiquette for kids to allow development and camaraderie. We do not allow bullying, intimidation, or hostility. When you and your family step through the Gracie Barra Overland Park doors, you will be welcomed as a member of our family and nurtured throughout your martial arts journey.

    Call us today at 913-961-1850 or contact us to start kids martial arts classes and join the family at Gracie Barra Overland Park.

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