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    Ben D.

    Posted 4/13/2022

    Been training here since may, from the very first day I walked through the door the coaching staff has welcomed me with open arms. Weather it be a question about a certain technique, something I seen online or something I wanted to try Professor Valerio helped me understand it even if I didn’t understand the way he explained it to me he took the time to help me understand. The gym has a great learning atmosphere a lot of people have told me they would love to come but they don’t want to get slammed. This gym is not one of those gyms believe in the true learning experience they preach 30% all the time no one wants to get hurt. Everyone learns at his or her own pace and they are very understanding just because you don’t understand on the first day don’t get discouraged keep coming THE MATS DONT LIE. Hope to see you out there.