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    Russel M.

    Posted 4/13/2022

    My son and I both go to this school. It has been a very rewarding experience for both of us. As a man in my 40’s and unathletic I was worried that I would have a lot of issues. But everyone has been very welcoming, and I have discovered that my grappling partners are willing to work with me every step of the way. As such I have seen a lot of physical improvement and after less than a year feel confident enough to “roll” with anyone there and know that it will be safe and fun. My son has also been going and is a part of the kid’s program. I have seen a large improvement with his coordination and self-confidence. He has a lot of fun, and it is something that we can do together after the classes. At no time when we go do I feel like he is not benefitting from the experience. The tag line is Jiu-Jitsu for everyone and after almost a year of training and bonding with my son I have to agree whole heartedly.