Luke M - Gracie Barra Overland Park

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    Luke M

    Posted 6/15/2017

    This is the most open, honest and well intentioned schools I have come across in St. Louis. After being out of the sport for more than 5 years, I was introduced to my new home with a level of interest that I had never experienced. I knew from my first conversation with the owner that this was nothing like some of the ego/sweat driven MMA gyms in the area. This school is more interested in safety and establishing a healthy environment for teaching and learning than putting bodies in classes. This is rare if not totally unique in St. Louis BJJ/MMA. If you want a pure and healthy learning experience, just try a class for free. With the great diversity this school has attracted, men, women and children of any athletic ability or fitness level will find a similar partner any day of the week.