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    Dominic L

    Posted 6/15/2017

    I have been a member of Gracie Barra St. Louis for a little over a year now. Let me start off by saying, it is the real deal! I have attended and done free trial classes at several other martial arts facilities, and none can compare to the professionalism of Gracie Barra. First off, unlike many other gyms, when you walk in to Gracie Barra you’ll notice a clean and sanitary facility. Also, everyone is friendly, and you will notice a strong team bond right from the start. The greatest benefit of Gracie Barra, in my opinion, are the instructors. They are all excellent teachers and are genuine, friendly, and knowledgeable guys on and off the mats.You can tell they put 100% of their heart and time into each and every class. These guys will show you the ropes to some of the finest BJJ and MMA around. No matter how athletic you are, thick or thin, old or young, You can count on the instructors to teach you authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and mma while also getting in great shape. Gracie Barra St.Louis is where it’s at. I encourage everyone to come be a part of such a great team